L'ours tombé des étoiles: OOAK bears from France, by Anne-Marie VERRON.

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L'ours tombé des étoiles, ours de collection, OOAK bears, Anne-Marie VERRONWelcome on L'ours tombé des étoiles (aka the bear fallen from the stars)! The bears you will find here are unique pieces, created for a decorative purpose.

But why do they look so sad and melancholic? Because they have fallen from the stars... And from Ursa Major to our planet, what a trip ! They are lost and looking for a new home. Why not yours?
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Anne-Marie and Charlotte VERRON

Last update: 01/30/15

Member of:
Ateliers d'Art de France, L'ours tombé des étoiles, Anne-Marie Verron


Beware: OOAK bears are decoration objects, despite their looks they are not suitable for children under 14.

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